Jun 8, 2013

If I were curious and daring enough, I would dig further and perhaps write a book about the relationship between President Barack Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder.  I think there is a fascinating brotherhood and understanding that exists between these men.  Star Jones articulated this towards the end of her HuffPost Live interview with Marc Lamont Hill.  Senior Advisor to the President, Valerie Jarrett, eluded to this as well towards the end of her interview with Marc Lamont Hill. 

Lauren Victoria Burke describes the Attorney General as the "human shield" for the President, which sounds to me like something brothers do for one another.

 We need to understand that we can’t come off as a bunch of angry white men. — Robert Bennett, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, January 2013
Holder. Go ahead and watch any hearing where Attorney General Eric Holder is the featured guest. Then watch old video of past Attorney Generals appearing in front of disgruntled members of Congress. Of course there are questions that should be asked and must be answered of the current Attorney General. But what is it about Attorney General Eric Holder that brings out the anger? As a number of instantly forgettable members of the U.S. House thrive to be more memorable on YouTube, Holder has become their favorite supporting actor in political shorts for their web sites.

Holder (what a coincidence) became the only cabinet member in American history to be held in contempt by Congress. Currently the House Judiciary Committee is contemplating a subpoena for Holder and perjury. 

“They can’t get the President at the witness table so Holder is the next best thing,” one Democrat in the House said in May. “What they’re doing with Eric Holder is fighting a proxy war with President Obama,” MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart noted on June 3.

Too bad Holder didn’t walk in wearing one of those long leather seventies style raincoats like Shaft had. Or maybe he could have had Samuel L. Jackson sit behind him during the hearing. But really, Holder didn’t need any of that. He only needed to show up. These guy were wound up angry before he got there.

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