Jun 10, 2013

Just in case you were not paying close attention, many are on edge awaiting Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality, affirmative action, and voting rights.  Indeed, these decisions have serious implications.  The court is divided along ideological lines and most consider Justice Kennedy to be the swing vote.  I have not heard much optimism about the high court's ruling.  Optimism in that the ruling will be favorable to civil rights.  The conservative reputation of the current court has many pundits skeptical.  Personally, I have been skeptical about the court rendering the most fair decision.  I think Justice Roberts took the heat on upholding the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare only to turn back the clock on voting rights and affirmative action. After hearing Joy Reid's take when she filled as host for MSNBC's Ed Show this past weekend, I felt a little better.
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Ultimately I think we have the organization in place to overcome a ruling against voting rights. I think the people will rise up and not let anyone take away their right to vote. On marriage equality, I can see the court going either way. The biggest blow, in my opinion, would be a ruling against affirmative action deeming race-based university admissions practices unconstitutional. A college education is an economic imperative. If the playing field is not level, I am not sure that underrepresented communities presently have in place alternate solutions to get our children into college without the help of affirmative action policies. I am most nervous about that. So yeah everybody we need to pay attention. In one way or another, we will have to step up our involvement in securing our future.

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  1. After hearing Joy Reid's take when learn more here she filled as host for MSNBC's Ed Show this past weekend, I felt a little better.