Jun 21, 2013

The fact that it was discovered, through her deposition, that Paula Deen used the N-word is not the least bit shocking to me.  Listen, I'm a proud southern girl from the good state of Georgia and I can tell you first hand that racism is still very much alive and well.  I know a lot of us like to fool ourselves into believing that we are now living in a post-racial society, but I tell you don't fool yourself.  Racism is alive and she ain't just living in the South.  That chick has a Brownstone in the North, a mansion in the West, and a condo in the Mid-west.

I will tell you what surprised me is the fact that Paula Deen actually admitted to saying some racist stuff.  Actually, I shouldn't be all that surprised because when it comes to racists the ones down South seem to be the most forthcoming with their racism.  It's the ones up North and out West that tend to be in stealth mode with theirs.  You know, they pretend to be all kumbaya while stabbing you in the back with a burning cross.

I'm thinking Deen thought it was okay to let you all know she'd tossed around the N-word a couple times in her past and thought it was 'cute' to have black waiters dress in 'Pre-Civil War' attire (aka as slaves) for her brother's wedding because no one really sees any harm in making jokes at the expense of black people.  Sure there will be the initial brouhaha, but after that the person i.e. Don Imus will land back on his/her feet as though nothing happened.

What I find disconcerting about the whole discussion about Paula Deen is the fact that people like to pretend that only people in the South are racist.  I've said it on this site before and I will say it again, people are just as racists in other parts of the country as they are in the South.  People in the South just wear their racism a little more openly than those in other parts of the country, but please don't get it twisted.  I've seen plenty of Confederate flags since I've been living in Pennsylvania and we all know Pennsylvania didn't have anything to do with the Confederacy.

I'm just surprised that Paula Deen wasn't smart enough to lie.  She displayed her 'Racist' card proudly and dared you to questioned it.  She wasn't thinking about her money during that deposition.  She was just being herself.  And who she is is nothing more than a racist.

Are you surprised by Paula Deen's comments?  And if so, please tell me why.
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  1. Not surprised by her use of the word. She is old enoigh to have lived in a time where that was the norm. What is surprising is her comments about the black "servants" that were indeed slaves. Have all the pre-civil war weddings she wants. But dont revel in the slave waitstaff.