Jun 5, 2013

First Lady, Michelle Obama, directly addressed a heckler at a fundraiser letting everyone know that she does not tolerate heckling and being interrupted.  Who can blame her?  It is blatant disrespect.  What is even more silly is that it was an LGBT activist.  Such behavior is expected coming from the opposition.  But to heckle one who supports the concerns of the LGBT community is self-defeating.  Of course there are a range of reactions to the First Lady's response.  Most are favorable.  Others are calling it "hood," "Chicago," or some other version of the "angry black woman" coming out.  Personally, I applaud her for not tolerating it.  I think she was direct and respectful.  What I find interesting from the Washington Post article is that the woman was "taken aback" by the fact that Mrs. Obama confronted her.  That lets me know that people like this expect to get away with this disrespectful behavior.
Of course, people are comparing her response to her husband's most recent heckling experience, where he was much more benevolent to the lady that interrupted his speech numerous times.  It was clearly two different responses.  Comparing the two is futile to me, so I won't.

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