Jun 1, 2013

By the time I got around to viewing the Cheerios commercial, YouTube had already disabled the comments section.  From reporting, I understand the comments to be filled with all kinds of "preserving the white race" nastiness.  Anyone who has ever read the comments section on virtually any subject should not be surprised by such foolish and hateful statements.  But you know I began to wonder how black women are responding to this ad because you know seeing a black man with a white woman has often times caused black women's blood to boil.  So sistas, tell me what you think...


  1. I don't see what the fuss is about. We always see commercials with a white mother and an obviously interracial child. In those situations if one cared enough to think about it, one could assume the father (that is not usually shown) is probably black. This time they showed him. When I saw the commercial, all I thought was "oh they finally showed the daddy."

  2. I like the commercial. If the racists people want to keep acting as 'fools,' that is their problem, not mind. My youngest brother (African-American) has a white girlfriend with 5 kids. It is a very good household. If the 'fools' can't understand it - well too bad.