Jul 1, 2013

Now if you are a regular reader of this site then you know I don't hold back when it comes to my criticism of BET and especially the BET awards.  Whether it is the poor production or the horrible performances, I always find something to complain about when it comes to this particular award show.  I know some people may ask then why do I continue to watch, but the fact is simple it is the only award show where I can get a chance to actually see artists that I love.  Name another award show that's done a tribute to someone like Charlie Wilson.  You won't see that on the Grammys or the Billboard Awards, but you'll get to see it on the BET Awards.  That's why I continue to watch.  Regardless of how much I complain, it's still the only place where I can see some of the artists that are beloved to me.

This year had to be one of the better shows that I've seen from BET since they've been doing the award show.  Nothing will ever top Michael Jackson surprising James Brown during his tribute for me when it comes to BET award highlights, but this show as a whole was one of BET's absolute best.  The production value was much better as well as the performances actually looked as though the artists cared about their craft.

There were definitely some highlights for me as far as performance goes.

Here's my list and then share your list with me:
R.Kelly Medley (Man there's just something about Seems Like You Ready that does something to me.)

Reggae/Dancehall Tribute f/ Dawn Penn, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, and Chaka Demus & Pliers (Man this took me back to my college days. This is how we partied at 'The Moon.' FAMU Baby!)

Charlie Wilson Tribute 9Charlie Wilson is proof that you can sang about love and still sell records. Take notes younguns.)

Janelle Monae f/ Erykah Badu (Let's just say the damn poodle stole the show. I loved it!)

Robin Thicke f/ Pharrell and T.I. - Blurred Lines

Ciara f/ Nick Minaj (Chick can't sang but she's one hell of a performer...oh and I'm feeling that 'Body Party.')

Chris Brown f/ Nicki Minaj (Dude is one hell of a performer)


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