Jul 19, 2013

I was reading an open letter to Trayvon Martin Sympathizers by actor Romany Malco, when I came across what I felt was a quote that summarize what a lot of black people feel as it relates to what happened to Trayvon Martin and the subsequent verdict that was rendered.  The only thing is the quote didn't come from Malco's piece, but rather from a commenter by the name of Ezra Black.

In his open letter Malco made some very valid points, but I don't see how his piece dealt with the death of Trayvon Martin.  I do realize its important for us to be introspective when it comes to changing what's taking place in our community as far as black on black crime is concerned, but that's not the reason why Trayvon Martin was killed.  To try and make Black people accessories after the fact to Martin's death is also an insult.  We as a community have our issues, but it doesn't have anything to do with why this young man is dead.  If you don't get that then I feel sorry for you. 

George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin not rap videos, Worldstar Hip Hop, or anything else that people wish to blame for why Zimmerman was justified in racially profiling Martin.

That is why I feel that what Ezra Black said is very telling about how a lot of black people feel.

Here is what Ezra Black wrote:

“Black people are the only people in America who are told "Until you get your act together, you have no right to protest or complain. Get your act together and then you can voice a valid opinion"

This rule only applies to Blacks as a way to keep us at bay. It applies to us so we can say "Oh wait you are right, until we stop having babies, until we stop with the dope and the killing, we can't speak on anything" This line of thinking is just as horrific as the thought that eating McD everyday will make you slim and trim and fit.

What other people do you know in America, that is fed this line of horse doo doo ... Black people will never be 100% what others think is together. When will we be able to speak , when all our kids have Master's degrees? When all our Black citizens are GOP voters and home owners? When all our Black people are working ? When every Black person is married void of marriage problems and lawd Cheese void of divorce?

This line of Bull is only fed to Black people. White voice their opinions everyday all day in the midst of problems in their own community with rape, incest, drugs, violence, divorce, molestation, etc. No one stops them from speaking and no one dares tell them they can't have a right to speak.”

Please tell me what you think about this topic.


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