Jul 2, 2013

“…When I say I’m going to take care of a woman, I don’t just mean physically or sexually or romantically. I’m going to take care of her emotionally and spiritually. I’m going to take care of her in all ways. I take a lot of pride in that today…”—Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, ESSENCE
His over-the-top manliness—finely honed during years performing as a WWE pro wrestler—has led to total box office domination.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been in the limelight for years, but now the man ESSENCE readers voted as having one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood has officially ascended to superstar status; with 5 million Twitter followers and a legion of adoring female fans. The action star talks to ESSENCE Senior Writer Jeannine Amber and shares what he likes best about Black women, what he’s learned about love and what he’d like to do with those big, strong hands of his. “The Rock” is part of ESSENCE’s “Baddest Brothers of 2013” package.  More than 4,000 of our readers voted on ESSENCE.com to tell us their picks for the sexiest eye candy of 2013—including Idris Elba, Boris Kodjoe, Lance Gross, Michael Ealy…and a few eligible bachelors looking for love. For more of the men that make us swoon, pick up the August issue…on newsstands July 8th!

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  1. Essence magazine was created to empower, uplift and CELEBRATE the beauty and "essence" of black women. With that being said, putting a man on the cover of a magazine that is specifically geared towards women of a specific race that he has never been with (and obviously from reading the interview, knows nothing about) is contradictory to everything that Essence stood for. Apparently, that has changed...

    I read the entire interview and it was pretty good until the question "What do you like about black women?" came up. His answer was very broad and extremely vague. It's like he was "Johnny-On-the-Spot" and didn't know what to say. His answer wasn't genuine and didn't even seem like he was speaking from experience. How could he be? What can he say? How can he speak on appreciating a specific race of women he's never been with?? I honestly think he lied (about dating black women) and just said something nice to be politically correct because he has no idea. Just because he's half black doesn't mean he KNOWS about black women. His father is black - not his mother. If he had been raised by a black woman, then I would have expected him to speak from a personal perspective or some level of experience. Unfortunately, he can't. Funny thing is, the interviewer asked him if he was dating someone, and he confirmed and said how long he's been dating but didn't mention his girlfriend's name - because if he had, everyone would have Google'd her name (Lauren Hashian) and found out he's been dating a white woman since BEFORE his 2007 divorce from his Cuban ex-wife. He's been with that woman for a long time...I wouldn't be surprised if he marries her, which is all well and good. It's his choice and God given right. However, what does that say about Essence magazine? What it have been worth putting yet another black or half black man gracing the cover who again has shown very little to no desire at all to be with a black woman?

    I don't know what has happened with Essence magazine, but all I can say is I'm very happy I no longer subscribe to them. I wish there was another magazine geared towards black women that would put black men on the cover who truly understand what it means to have a positive, genuine, and real experience "loving" a black woman. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson should only speak on what he knows of - which is exclusively dating non-black women, but that's not who Essence magazine was developed for. So, therefore, he should have never been on the cover. It would have been best if they had just merely mentioned his name in the magazine. I actually find it offensive and insulting that he's on the cover of a magazine dedicated to black women - whom of which he's nothing about.