Jul 17, 2013

Not two days removed from the trial of George Zimmerman, the woman known publicly as "Juror B37" thought it was time to go on award tour, with acquittal in hand. Yesterday morning, literary agent Sharlene Martin released a statement regarding the woman's intent to write a book about the trial: 
"My hope is that people will read Juror B37's book, written with her attorney husband, and understand the commitment it takes to serve and be sequestered on a jury in a highly publicized murder trial and how important, despite one's personal viewpoints, it is to follow the letter of the law. The reader will also learn why the jurors had no option but to find Zimmerman not guilty due to the manner in which he was charged and the content of the jury instructions."

Unsurprisingly, the notion of this woman—who told Anderson Cooper that she'd trust Zimmerman to be a neighborhood watch member in her community—writing a book and profiting at all from the death of a teenager left many people infuriated. One of them happened to be a young woman who tweets under the handle @MoreandAgain. She found contact info for the literary agent and urged her followers to let Sharlene Martin know of their discontent via a Change.org petiton:

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