Jul 9, 2013

Mark O'Mara, lead attorney for George Zimmerman's defense, has indicated that the defense will probably rest its case tomorrow, Wednesday.  That means that the case is coming to a close and the jury can reach a verdict in a matter of days.  How do you feel about this?  What are your thoughts on the case?  Are you hopeful, skeptical, cynical, angry, nervous?

Personally, I have not allowed myself to really ponder the idea of an acquittal.  Normally I try to brace myself for all possible outcomes for any dilemma. But with this case, I just cannot bring myself to really go there.  This is the first case that I have truly followed.  With OJ and Rodney King, I knew the main points but I did not follow it.  Plus I was a teenager and concerned myself with other things.  This case is a tipping point for me from an activism standpoint.  From an educational perspective,  these legal proceedings are somewhat fascinating and draining.  I believe everyone should have the experience of serving on a jury.  Yet I could see why very few would actually like to serve on one.  Incidentally, most jury pools come from voter registration.  If our registrations are compromised, that affects our ability to exact justice.  God knows we need as many diverse jury pools that we can get.

I have closely followed the case.  I even have it streaming live next to me right now on another device. It is nearly 9pm and Judge Nelson is holding a hearing on admitting text and Facebook messages found on Trayvon Martin's phone into evidence.  I want to hear how the judge rules on key factors of this case.  Overall Judge Nelson gets two thumbs up from me.  But if she makes some rulings in favor of the defense between tonight and tomorrow, then I'm done with her.  Especially if she does not allow Zimmerman's violent history to be introduced into evidence.

Along with streaming the case, I have been conversing with people on Twitter.  By and large, most of those that I follow and those that follow me on Twitter tend to be like-minded, at least on this case.  Occasionally those who believe Zimmerman is innocent enter the conversation.  So I read a range of comments on the case.  Those that believe he is guilty of murder; those that believe he is guilty of manslaughter; those that believe he was in fact defending himself.  When I encounter those that disagree with me, I withhold from making my case.  I consider it to be a waste of energy as they have probably already made up their mind just as I have made up mine.  I have written numerous posts detailing my thoughts on the case.  My perspective has not changed throughout the course of this trial.  If anything I am even more convinced that Zimmerman is not innocent.  He did not have to kill Trayvon Martin, in my opinion.

At this point in the case, I am "keeping the faith" and holding out hope.  It ain't over until it is over.  We can speculate and analyze ad nauseam, but we do not know how the jury will interpret this case.  So I see no reason for declaring victory or defeat.  What I will say is how I feel about this case.  I have heard a number of complaints about the prosecutors' performance.  Some feel they are weak in certain areas.  I agree to a certain extent.  Overall though I think they are hamstrung by the court's ruling on certain factors such as race.  Everytime I am ready to count them out, they come back with the points I wish they would address.  So I think they are on top of things.

For the defense, I heard Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's defense attorney, say that this case is the defense's case to lose.  Implying that they should win the case easily because there is enough reasonable doubt inherent in the state's case.  Having no legal expertise, I defer to those in the legal profession.  Today I heard another defense attorney say the defense should not make the mistake of overtrying their case.  This sentiment struck a chord with me.  If there is one that I do not tolerate well is arrogance and I have gotten that feeling from the defense from the very beginning.  It is one thing to put forth a strong defense, but they are smug.  If you watched their behavior outside of the jury, I think you would agree with me.  Just now the judge has recessed for the day after nearly 13 hours.  It was not pretty and Judge Nelson was not happy upon leaving the courtroom. Tactically that may be doing what any other defense attorney would do, but I get the impression that they are ruthless and there is no need to be.  If Zimmerman had shown some level of remorse, I would feel a little different.  There is no dispute that he took a life.  To not have any sorrow regarding that tragic encounter speaks to his state of mind.  The defense's handling of numerous witnesses particularly the Martin family; opening with a knock-knock joke; trying to have the victim's family removed from the court room; calling the victim's father as a defense witness...really? Even before this trial began their behavior, allowing a book to be written and the Hannity interview, to me speaks to their arrogance that they thought this case was a slamdunk.  They did not expect to go to trial.  They thought they would have coasted through a Stand Your Ground hearing.

The defense team reminds me of their client in that they are going in for the kill needlessly.  Mr. Baez says its their case to lose.  Perhaps their arrogance will backfire and I should be glad should they continue in the same vein.  I said earlier that I was keeping the faith.  One of my favorite quotes is from Dr King, ...the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.  While we have experienced and continue to experience injustice, I have to believe that this is due time for justice.  

What are your thought and feelings on the case?

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  1. I feel the Prosecution overcharged and have done a poor job attempting to prove their case. With the stand your ground law in place, the evidence available and no eye witnesses the only charge they could have possibly convicted Zimmerman on was manslaughter; they could have proved that Zimmerman caused the confrontation that led to the shooting because Trayvon had just as much right to stand his ground as Zimmerman did.

    Zimmerman will not be convicted of 2nd degree murder. I only hope people will remember that this case was not made public by Black people because a White (Hispanic) had killed a Black man but because the Sanford Police Department had refused to properly investigate the case until a petition created by Trayvon's family and signed by many pressured them to do so.