Jul 26, 2013

Just like director Spike Lee, veteran actress Victoria Rowell is turning to Kickstarter to get the necessary funding to bring her upcoming series to television.  The television show is based on her best-selling novels Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva and Young and the Ruthless.
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The RICH & the RUTHLESS, a hilarious behind the scenes prime time pilot exposing ALL the dirty soap suds. Think SOAP DISH x THE OFFICE.

The Rich and the Ruthless is a sit com that delves into the soapalicous swirl but oh, so real, gritty reality of the soap opera biz, The world is filled with Executives, and Actors all doing WHATEVER it takes to keep the show on air and maintaining the excessive lifestyle THEY ALL have grown accustom to.

The show is centered around the iconic Soap Opera, The Rich and The Ruthless. The man behind the show is Augustus Barringer, He is as brilliant as he is cut throat which allowed him to build the show up from nothing to the Soap Opera empire it is today. He is surrounded by his twin children angling for money and power, and underling Executive angling for his own slice of power. But the real circus of the show involves the colorful cast of "actors" on the soap that may be more spoiled, more ruthless, and more calculating than the executives.

If you think the story lines on soap operas are crazy, the stories behind the camera are on another level! Alien abduction, people returning from the dead, black market smuggling, just to name a few of the things that happen involving The Rich and The Ruthless. If you are looking for train wreck drama that will keep you laughing and riveted, The Rich and The Ruthless is that show.

Risks and challenges

In production, the major key to successfully completing a project is preparation. Everything from budgeting to scheduling must be prepared and planned to the tiniest detail. This is where experience comes into play. The more projects you have completed (or “in the can” as we like to say in the biz), the more solutions and contingency plans are built into your mental production mainframe. In other words, with experience comes wisdom and with wisdom comes success.

We will, of course, take all of the standard production precautions including but not limited to: procuring production insurance, budgeting contingency reserves, securing back-up actors should any actor become unavailable, and noting secondary vendors to provide any additional equipment, goods or services we might need prior to and during production. Unfortunately, in production, you cannot predict what challenges or set-backs you may face, the only thing you can do is be prepared and committed as a team to do whatever it takes to see the project to successful completion.

With that said, another major way we are mitigating risks is by building a production team that boasts decades of experience in film and television and that is also knowledgable and experienced in new media. This combination of classic know-how and cutting edge skill will allow our production team to face any challenge and overcome it to produce a quality project that audiences will be anxious to see and support. We are an amalgamation of proven talent and we are confident that, collectively, we have all the skills, contacts and resources necessary to complete our project.

We have a unique opportunity to provide a fun, colorful and unique story to a loyal legion of soap opera fans and followers. We will tap into their hearts with familiar faces from daytime, primetime and the big screen while spinning comedic tales of seduction, heartbreak and intrigue -- all of their favorites soap opera themes! So, please, help us get it done!!!

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  1. I always loved her such a good actrees she needs to go to Oprah's OWN Network or contact Tyler Perry to get her show off the ground. :)