Aug 7, 2013

Just because a black person has money doesn't make them immune to racism.  Just ask Oprah Winfrey.  The Queen of All Media, who has a lot of money, has experienced her fair share of racist behavior.

Recently, she sat down with Larry King for an interview in which she recounted some of her own racial experiences.  One of the stories she told was about a time she and Andre Walker (her hairdresser) were in New York.  The incident took place in the late 90s.

She saw a sweater in a window and tried to enter the store, but the shopkeepers inside would not open the door and allow them to enter.

Even after Oprah called the store to make sure that it was open and witnessed two white women enter, the shopkeepers would not open the door and let them.

"Suddenly it dawns on the both of us. 'Oh my god, I think we're having a racist moment.'" Oprah said. She called the store when she was back in Chicago and was told by the person on the phone that the shop had been robbed by two black people the week before "and they were afraid to open the door."

"The fact that they even admitted that was so striking," Oprah said. She then told another story about shopping in Zurich during the week of Tina Turner's wedding where she experienced another racist moment.

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