Aug 26, 2013


Man, I hate to admit this but I actually watched part of the MTV VMAs.  In fairness, the reason that I watched was in support of my homegirl and her HBCU Dance company who performed during the Robin Thicke performance.

Man I wish I could get those brain cells back that I lost.  The show as a whole was horrible.  I mean absolutely and completely horrible.  You know we've turned a corner when the BET Awards is wayyyyyyy better than the MTV awards.

In fairness, Justin Timberlake gave a decent performance, but there was nothing memorable about it.  I realize people went crazy over his performance, but it was nothing special to me.

Now with that being said, I will say that the most memorable moment of the Award's show, besides Miley Cyrus' tongue, was the Beats By Dre commercial on Cyrus and Twerking.  That commerical had the line of the night:

"Somebody needs to feed Miley Cyrus, Don't you need Ass to twerk?"

Did you watch the show?  please tell me what you thought.


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