Aug 1, 2013

Philadelphia Eagle's wide receiver, Riley Cooper, is the latest person to go on the apology tour after a video of him saying, "I'll fight every Nigger in here," went viral.

Cooper and some of his friends were attending a Kenny Chesney concert, when a  black security guard, who was only doing his job, refused to let him and his crew backstage.  This must have agitated the entitled athlete to the utmost because that's when he decided to utter the N-word.

In my opinion, Cooper must be a very brave man.  Here he is a white person working in a field that is over 80% black and he still feels comfortable spouting the N-word in front of a camera.  He's obviously very comfortable with the word because it came out his mouth so easily, but to be so stupid to say it on camera is Cooper's ultimate sin.

So of course once a bigot is caught on tape expressing their real feelings, they must now start the apology tour.  Reports are surfacing that Cooper stood in front of his teammates and offered what some are calling a heartfelt apology.  But the question for me is what was he apologizing for.

I mean call me a cynic if you want, but I think Cooper, like most of these people who get caught saying some racist ish, is only apologizing because he got caught.  Trust, this wasn't his first time using the N-word.  The word obviously have a fixed place in his vocabulary arsenal.  Let's just keep it real.

One of Cooper's most famous teammates, Michael Vick, has already accepted his apology.  “As a teammate, I forgave him. As a team, we forgave him,” says Vick.

It'll be interesting to see what other teams do with this video once it's time for them to play the Eagles.  If I was a coach, this would be the only thing I would show my defense before they went on the field.

I'm just curious as to see how the NFL deals with this.  Are they going to be as hard on Cooper as the NBA was on Kobe Bryant when he used an anti-gay slur.  If you recall, Bryant was fined $100K for saying Faggot duirng a game.  Let's see if the NFL follows suit.

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  1. Finally weighing in on this. Didnt want to. Quite frankly I'm a little drained. This summer has been hit hard by racial national headlines. Normally I dont buy into the "confusion" of black people using the term with one another but yet get offended when non blacks use the term.

    In this case, I couldnt help but wonder how casually fellow black players use the term around him. I wonder if he felt like he could take on the black security guard and any other black persom because he physically encounters big black men on his job day in and day out.

    That does not excuse his behavior. Given our history, he had to know better. At the same time, I'm not so sure that its as simple as him being a racist at heart. He very well could be. Suspensions and fines are great for PR. I dont think that type of reaction really advances race relations. No doubt there are much more aggregious racist acts that never see the light of day, in the NFL and elsewhere, that need to be exposed.