Aug 26, 2013

The interview that a lot of people, and when I say a lot I mean my god-mother and I, were anticipating finally took place this past weekend. CNN’s Don Lemon and Russell Simmons sat down to hash out their disagreement as it relates to the on the state of African-American culture.

The disagreement between the two took place about a month ago when Lemon received some tough criticism for his comments agreeing with Bill O'Reilly's assessment of the black community.  Russell Simmons along with countless others were very disappointed and disgusted by Lemon's comments.  The criticism led to lemon issuing a challenge for Simmons to come meet him face to face to discussing the issue.  Simmons accepted the challenge.

Personally, I don't think Simmons was the best choice to debate Lemon.  I would have much preferred someone like Goldie Taylor to do it.  After his Harriett Tubman debacle, Simmons is the last person to try and school someone on the state of Black America.  Just my opinion.

Watch the video below and tell me what you think.


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