Sep 5, 2013

OWN has a new docu-series that actually has me a little excited.  The new show is called Crazy.Sexy.Life and it features four professional African American women trying to navigate this thing called life.

The show stars celebrity hair stylist Kiyah Wright and her girlfriends Bershan, Tiffany, and actress Chenoa Maxwell.

Here is how OWN is describing the show:

Big Cities are never easy to navigate, but these four fabulous women, Kiyah, Bershan, Chenoa, and Tiffany are taking NYC head on. Having known each other for over ten years, they are close enough to always keep it real. Through their laughter, romances, and life-altering struggles, they are learning that there is much more than just sex in the city. They don't always see eye-to-eye and spend a lot of time dealing with conflicts that arise between their big personalities. But under it all, they have an incredibly strong bond and always support each other as they deal with their own unique life challenges.

Kiyah, the ring leader, is an ambitious and successful celebrity hair stylist whose focus on her career and life on the road has prevented her from putting down roots, until now. With a younger, 27-year-old boyfriend in LA, she has children on her mind. Certainly, this is Kiyah's time, and she is ready to have a child, whether the father is around or not.

Chenoa, the risk taker, put her professional life as an actress and photographer on hold to build a family with her loving husband, however, after fertility issues, she finds herself struggling to maintain her relationship while simultaneously trying to refocus on her career.

Bershan, the survivor, could not be slowed down, even by stage four breast cancer. Thanks to a strong and supportive relationship with her husband, she lives an affluent lifestyle, but doesn't want to be a kept woman. This former bartender turned restaurateur, is ready to regain her independence and become the businesswoman she once was.

Tiffany, the free spirit, is vivacious and fashionable, running a chic boutique in SoHo. A breast cancer survivor herself, she has concerns of a relapse and lives every day like there is no tomorrow. Having both beaten breast cancer, Bershan and Tiffany should be closely bonded, but instead this commonality is often the cause of competition and conflict between them.

Talk about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger—when life gave them lemons, these ladies made lemon drop martinis! Despite the personal highs and lows between these women, their friendships have endured, creating bonds that will last a lifetime. They may not always be friends, but they have hung in through all the drama and, with a little help from one another and a lot of patience, they might just make it through this Crazy.Sexy.Life.

On September 3rd OWN provided a full episode sneak preview.  Did you watch it?  If so, what did you think?

The full series will debut in January 2014.

Sneak Peek: Watch the First 5 Minutes of Crazy.Sexy.Life
Kiyah, Chenoa, Bershan, and Tiffany are four fabulous women in New York City who seemingly have it all, which isn't easy in a fast-paced Crazy.Sexy.Life. These uniquely different ladies have fierce love for each other, but aren't afraid to keep it real.

To learn more about Crazy.Sexy.Life click here.

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  1. I did not watch and I can't say that I am excited about it either. Not that it will be a bad show and fit the reality tv stereotype, I'm just kinda over this type of programming. I'm sure I will catch an episode here and there, but I can't say it is must-see tv for me.