Oct 28, 2013


There are really some people in this country that think racism only exists down South, but I don't recall any state down south that implements 'stop and frisk' tactics like some of the states up North.  It would even appear that New York is taking their 'stop and frisk' laws a step further according to some recent incidents that have made the news.

'Shop and frisk' (that's what I'm calling it) made the news when a black college student sued Barneys and the NYPD after being falsely detained for buying a Salvatore Ferragamo belt.  Another incident very similiar that happened at the same store when a black female purchased a Celine bag worth a couple of thousand of dollars.  In both incidents, the alleged victims said the only reason why they were stopped was because the department store didn't feel they looked as though they could afford such luxurious items.

Now it would appear that Barneys is not the only department store guilty of a 'shop and frisk' policy.

Macys recently found itself in the mix when 'Treme' actor, Rob Brown, filed a lawsuit against the department store and the NYPD after being falsely detained for purchasing a $1,000 watch for his mother's college graduation.

Here is how the NY Post is reporting the story:

Rob Brown, 29, who starred with Sean Connery in 2000’s “Finding Forrester” and starred in HBO’s “Treme,” says he was unlawfully detained after buying a watch for his mom in Macy’s Herald Square.

The actor filed a lawsuit against Macy’s and the NYPD on Friday — and is now the third black New Yorker to sue the Police Department over a shop-and-frisk since May.

“You can’t let injustice roll like that,” the Amherst College grad told The Post, adding that the cops made him miss his mom’s college graduation.

“I’ll never get that time back. My mother was walking across the stage looking for me.”

Brown, who played a jazz trumpeter in the HBO ­series “Treme,” says he was illegally searched by undercover detectives near the Sunglass Hut inside Macy’s after he bought his mom a $1,000 Movado watch on June 8.

“Police officers ran up to him, arrested him, and then kept him in a jail cell in Macy’s,” Brown's attorney Nicholas Elefterakis said.

After handing over his ID, Brown “was told that his identification was false and that he could not ­afford to make such an expensive purchase,” says his suit, filed in Manhattan ­Supreme Court.

Brown was detained by cops for more than an hour and released without being charged, the suit says.

A rep for Macy’s said the claim was being investigated, while a spokeswoman for the city’s Law Department said the claim would be reviewed once received.

This is just further confirmation that racism exists all over this country.  Some people are a little more up front about their feelings, but trust me it's every where. 


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