Oct 21, 2013

If you ever visit the Georgia capitol building you will be greeted by the statute of Thomas E. Watson.  Watson was a raging racist, anti-semitic, and anti-Catholic politician who was deemed worthy of such a prominent spot at the Georgia capitol...well that was until now.

A spokesman for the governor's office confirmed that the 12-foot statue of Watson is being permanently relocated across the street, as part of a renovation of the Capitol grounds. 

Watson won fame for promoting hate through publications he owned. He wrote that the African-American “is not any more our brother than the apes.” He defended the lynching of blacks and was for denying them the right to vote. He called Catholics “traitors” and wrote that priests imprisoned nuns for immoral purposes in convents like dungeons. He also railed against “rich Jews” and "degenerate Jews” and said that "Jews sell gentile girls into houses of prostitution."

Watson’s editorials and articles stirred anti-Semitism into a frenzy after the 1913 trial of Jewish businessman Leo Frank and contributed to the environment that led to Frank’s lynching. Watson then praised the murderers as “bold, true men" after Frank was seized from jail and lynched in 1915.

Personally, I think they should just do away with the statue.  If people want to know about Watson they should just read about him in the history books.  He's not worthy of a statue on or near the Capitol.



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