May 28, 2014

It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of our beloved Dr. Maya Angelou.  Words cannot express what this dynamic lioness meant to me and the women around me.  She was the epitome of God's light in this word.

You can read all the biographies out there to learn how great and accomplished of a woman she was, but I just want to talk about what she means to me.

Dr. Angelou, outside of my mother, was the person who taught me it was okay to live boldly and fiercely.  She lived life by her own standards and not by the standards others would place upon her life.  She was her own person and this was something that I marveled at.

I had a chance to see her in person about eight years ago and man could she command a stage and an audience.  The lady was dynamic.  She was a woman.  A phenomenal woman.

She was everything she wrote about and then some.  The epitome of grace and everything that was good and right with the world.

So as one of her many daughters, I bid farewell to our Queen Mother.  Her life was one that touched me in ways I cannot even express.

Fly on you magnificent bird for the cage that once held your glorious spirit is now open and you are free to sing with the angels above.  God Bless.


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