May 19, 2014

Maybe it's just me, but there are just some things I don't need to know about celebrities.  I liked celebrities better when there was a little mystery surrounding them.  I feel like intimate details of their life is none of my business so there is no need for them to share.  So when singer Toni Braxton decided to divulge that she had an abortion ten years ago I felt a little sorry for her because I feel she should be able to keep some stuff for herself, but since she decided to write a book I guess she felt the need to share.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the singer revealed more than ten years ago she became pregnant by her ex-husband, Keri Lewis (the couple wasn't married at the time).  Because she was in the middle of a six-month prescription for Accutane, a prescription acne medication which can cause serious complications in pregnancy, she decided to terminate the pregnancy.  Through her new memoir,“Unbreak My Heart,” she did admit she would have had the abortion even if she weren’t on the medication.

Braxton admitted that her decision was caused more by the refusal to inconvenience her lifestyle than any fear that her fetus had been harmed. She confessed that the decision was followed by a huge amount of guilt brought forth by her religious upbringing.  She even blamed her youngest son, Diezel, autism diagnosis on her decision.  She felt it was God's way of punishing her.

Maybe it will help her sell more books, but I just feel there are some things one should just keep to themselves.

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  1. I agree. There is a lot about people, both celebs and regular folks, that I would just rather not know about. For celebrities, in particular, to me it doesn't make much sense because their art is what really appeals to us. Sure they have a larger platform that can be used for greater purposes, but those platforms seem to be exploited more for personal gain than anything.

    Anyway, when anyone divulges too much information, they are at risk of looking worse to people. In this case, having an abortion is not so unheard of. But to admit that the reason for an abortion was so that she wouldn't have stop taking acne medication? Yeah I would've rather not known that was her rationale.