Jul 15, 2014

(AJC) -- The Ku Klux Klan has been leaving recruiting flyers on cars in Candler Park and Cabbagetown as part of a national drive to add to its membership rolls.

The grand wizard, Robert Jones, confirmed for Channel 2 Action News that the flyers were a product of the KKK.

“This is our national flyer drive,” Jones told Channel 2. “God is the author of segregation. He is the one who drew the color line.”

The KKK wrote in the flyer: “Save the land. Join the Klan.” and “We are a law-abiding Christian organization.”

The flyer also advertises a Klan-sponsored neighborhood watch.

Cabbagetown resident Catlin Shay-Winkler ripped up the flyer as soon as she spotted it on the car windshield.

“They didn’t intimidate us whatsoever,” Shay-Winkler told Channel 2.


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