Aug 11, 2014

This really must be the season of the biopic.
So far two of my all-time favorites have been pegged for biopics: Whitney and Aaliyah.  I can't say I'm excited about either of the movies.  I mean how excited can you really get about a film of one of your favorite artists when the people who knew these people best i.e. their families have no involvement in the film.  Then you throw up the fact that some of the casting is also very suspect.
Just look at the latest casting for the Aaliyah biopic.  Below are the pics of the two actors that were chosen to play Missy and Timbaland. 
Now, I don't expect the actors to look exactly like their character reference, but damn can you at least make me think you took the casting serious.  I'm going to give you pass on the guy that's been cast to play Tim, but do you really expect me to look at actress Chattrisse Dolabaille and see Missy Elliott?  I hope not.
Are you looking forward to the Aaliyah biopic?  What do you think of the casting choices?


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